The Story of Marissa

Marissa was one of the first users of SKLEER

Hear her tell it for herself, see the videos below.
Pictures of her after 2 weeks of using SKLEER!

How it all started

Marissa originally sent us this on Facebook:
Bennetts send me....and I want to share something. I have been struggling with my skin for a year now. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, my face kept op breaking out. I used every product you can think of and last week friday, Sia, pharmacist from the pharmacy in Killarney Mall, Killarney, Johannesburg gave me a skleer sample.....oh my word. I am in love. What an awesome product. I would like to send you before and after photos. You will not believe your eyes. Where can I send the pics to?
Marissa Synman Geel on Facebook

Below are the before and afters put together from photos Marissa had taken using her cell phone and emailed in:

(Click on the images above to see larger versions)

Here are links to the original pictures Marissa sent:
Before Number 1 After Number 1
Before Number 2 After Number 2

Here is a link to an actual live audio of Marissa talking about her experience on a follow up phone call we made to her:
Follow up call with Marissa

Hear Marissa tell it for herself, see the videos below.

Marissa on usage of SKLEER on her Acne

Marissa on SKLEER for skin chafing and mosquito bites