How To Get Started

Sign Up with Clickbank

If you don't have a clickbank ID, sign up here!
It takes about 1 minute and it's FREE.

Once you have a clickbank ID, send your traffic to:

Replace "YOURID" in the link above with YOUR ClickBank username and get 30% on every sale you make!

This URL is known as a Hoplink. Information on Hoplinks can be found here.

If you want to track conversions have a read of this:

The Clickbank Tracking Id (tid) can be used with our promotion links. Following code conventions, you can choose to put the tid anywhere in the URL string. The tid is text chosen by you so that you can track where the sale came from.
Information about Clickbank Tracking can be found here.

For example here could be a General clickbank hoplink with a clickbank tid (tracking I.D.) on it.

Here is an example of a hoplink with a tid (tracking I.D.) on it and the promo page you choose to redirect your visitor to

If you need any help with the set up, please contact us.

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