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1-323-813-8345 (USA)
1-300-987-438 (AUS)

International ConsortiumSKLEER has been developed by an international medical and pharmaceutical research organisation.

Our mission is to have a tube of SKLEER in every household worldwide. You can use SKLEER All in One Skin Corrective on the whole family for a number of skin conditions, it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive

Here are our founders:

Dr. GARY KRAMER – M.D. (MBBCh) “The Organising Doc”

Proud to be American. Driven by a relentless search to find the holy grail of product that will ultimately lead to the most human value worldwide, Dr. Kramer ended up…

MAURICE KRAMER – MPS “The Mixing Inventor”

MAURICE KRAMER - MPS “The Mixing Inventor” Maurice is a qualified pharmacist in South Africa and ran the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Central and South Africa for 25 years.…

KEVIN KRAMER – B.Pharm “The Australian Connection”

Kevin has a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. Kevin is an experienced pharmaceutical importer of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Kevin owns Maxitrade Pty Ltd a distribution company in Australia specialising in pharmaceutical…

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