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SKLEER Skin ConfidenceSkin confidence through natural skin conditioning

Regardless of whether your skin is dry, normal or oily, SKLEER All in One Skin Corrective is the ultimate skin conditioner.

This dermatologically approved gel smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, refines texture, and evens skin tone for a fresher and more youthful appearance.

SKLEER is great for smoothing and improving the look and feel of dry skin.

Bringing you a new lease on life

When your skin looks and feels fresher, clearer and tighter, it gives you confidence, we call this Skin ConfidenceTM.

SKLEER is a skin conditioning gel that helps your skin look and feel better, and helps relieve dry or oily skin, using the earth’s natural ingredientsTM. It has a unique gel formulation that carries the natural herbal ingredients onto the skin for a deeply refreshing and moisturising application. This allows for skin appearance to improve.

It’s a pleasingly non-sticky gel that immediately absorbs into the skin on contact, and can be used throughout the day and night.

BUY SKLEER NOW and take advantage of our limited time FREE SHIPPING offer and 60 day money back guarantee!

Directions For Use

We recommend using SKLEER at least twice daily, cleanse the skin and dry, then apply. Apply Skleer underneath your other cosmetic products and make-up.

For dry skin, clean and dry then apply liberally to the area, as often as you like.


Here are some testimonials below relating to using SKLEER and skin confidence.

Very fast postage. I LOVE your products used them everyday, thank you for such a great product
BEST FACE SERUM – Serious Anti Aging for a Younger Glowing Skin (#152570122631)

An ecstatic customer! I have been using this soap for 2 weeks and have noticed that not only has it soothed my skin allergy, but my overall skin is smoother and more even toned.

Tintintania, Australia

Another great bonus is the skleer blemish gel. My skin has responded incredibly well to it

Sandra, South Africa

The item was exactly what I wanted. I have used Skleers before and have been very happy with it the last couple of years highly recommended, suits my blotchy skin perfectly

Best Scar Gel for Acne Scars,Old Scars & New Scars and Surgical Scars 75ml. (#162229443001)

An ecstatic customer! I have been using this soap for 2 weeks and have noticed that not only has it soothed my skin allergy, but my overall skin is smoother and more even toned.

Tintintania, USA

That skleer product did wonders on my face. Thank you so much.

Joseph, California

I would like to compliment you on your skleer skin gel it works wonders on my face and i wish i could get more of it because wow i love what i see now when i look in the mirror.

Freddie, Johannesburg

Sent: 22 April 2022 09:54

Good day

<email redacted as not relevant>

Please could you advise where I could purchase the SKLEER Skin Blemish Gel? It has helped restore my skin during pregnancy so much.

Thanks in advance

<name redacted for privacy>

Sent: 14 April 2022 09:21
Good day

Please note a received a sample bag with Bennetts products which contained Skleer gel, it is the most amazing product I have ever come across, I cannot find it anywhere in our shops in Port Elizabeth, can you please advise where I can find it

Thank you so much

Sent: 21 December 2021 23:26
Subject: Re.sample pack received..thank you.

Good day,
<rest of email redacted as not relevant>
I love the range of your products..and have since tried the skleer skin gel..and wow..feels amazing in my face.

she has been challenging the SKLEER SKIN PRODUCTS and we were amazed she had a 30 days challenge which hasn't finished yet but shes very happy with the results😂😂

Super quick delivery – GREAT service – I would HIGHLY recommend this seller !! & Great Product LOVE the soap !!

Rosacea, Spider and Thread Veins Removal ~ Soap for Red Face & Blemish Relief (#172511715754)

Fantastic product buy it for so many uses. Wonderful seller and product. Have purchased 6 times over last years. Very happy with item.

Child Eczema,Itchy,Sore,Dry Skin,Scalp Relief- Natural Remedy (#152352913549)

Sent: 09 July 2021 10:08
To: David Bennett

Hi, got my pelfrey sample and loving it.   Specially the skleer for my skin…feel so much smoother.


Sent: 29 May 2021 09:45

I am enjoying the skleer for myself and have seen a change in my face.

From: Zimase Nodada
Sent: 17 May 2021 14:27
To: Bennetts
Subject: Feedback on Bennetts products samples

Dear sir/madam

I am pleased to inform you that I am happy with your skin products.

<email redacted as not relevant to SKLEER>

Lastly I would like to ask where can I get the Skleer blemish gel? I used it on my face for the blemishes I've got, within 2 days the results were amazing. My skin looks so beautiful. I would like to get another one before this one finishes.

I am already spreading the news about your amazing products. 

Thank you!

From: Kim <redacted for privacy>
Sent: 07 May 2021 12:35
To: David Bennett
Subject: Re: Bennetts Samples

Good day.

I did receive the samples in January and thanks very much.

I tried Skleer for myself and I just say it did wonders and would like to continue using it.

<redacted as not relevant to this>

Kind Regards


From: phashashirley97
Sent: 05 May 2021 13:32
To: David Bennett
Subject: Samples

Good day

Hope this email finds you well

<email redacted as not relevant>

As for skleer skinblemish gel has been working wonderful on my face

Thank you.

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone

From: Tracy
Sent: 30 April 2021 15:33
To: David Bennett
Subject: Re: Bennetts Samples

Goodday!thank you so much for the samples .your products are really awesome on my baby.i also used skleer  on my skin and i am loving it.where can i purchase it as stores like clicks dont have it?

From: CB <name redacted for privacy>
Date: February 20, 2021 at 4:00:10 PM GMT+2
Subject: Question

Good day

I would like to find out more about the Skleer and cetoderm?
I received small samples from you a few months ago, and these two was in it… I love it, it works wonders for me, where can i buy some of it and how much will it be more or less… <rest of email redacted not relevant to SKLEER>

Kind regards
C <name redacted for privacy>

From: <name redacted for privacy>
Sent: 08 February 2021 18:12
To: David Bennett
Subject: Re: Bennetts Samples

Dear sir/ Madam
I have recieved my samples and I was impressed by the skleer skin gel that helps blemishes can I order them in bulk and courier them how much is it am very impressed.
Thank you

Voicemail from woman loving SKLEER

<Rest of email redacted as not relevant> Skleer skin blemish gel have helped me regain my confidence.

From: [Redacted for privacy] Sent: 17 November 2020 10:28
To: David Bennett
Subject: Re: Samples

[Rest of email redacted] I also liked the SKLEER blemish gel it’s working wonders as I tried it on my face, it’s going to be on my grocery list now, thank you soo much.



Sent: 09 November 2020 13:35

[Redacted for Privacy]

Good day David

Thank you so much for the samples. I took the SKLEER one for myself. It works wonders I will start using it from now on even though I have never seen it at stores will go look at dischem this after.

Thank you

Sent: 20 October 2020 09:17

[Redacted as not about SKLEER]

What I wanted to rave about  this time around was the Skleer skin blemish gel sample that was in the pack. Myself and teenage daughter started using it and it’s a great product.

Thank you again.



Recent reviews on

Subject: Wow

Good morning,

I just need to say Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing brand you have. I think I am your biggest fan at this stage.
Let’s talk about Skleer. Never have I ever used a face gel that worked within the first use. This is the best product I have ever ever used. I wasn’t aware of it until I received the samples and I think many women are missing out on a great product because of that.

Good morning

I hope you are well.

Recently you arranged for some samples to be sent to me and in the pack was a product named Skleer blemish gel.

Could you please let me know where in PE I can buy that from because I totally love it on my skin it works so perfectly.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


<name redacted for privacy>

I love love the skleer ointment in 3days I can see a clear difference in my skin.

Regards Mrs.Van Wyk

Hi. I have met a marketing representative from Bennetts by the name of Jane about 3 weeks ago, she saw my face and recommended Skleer for me, also gave me a free sample, then I went to buy it myself. That lady has changed my life and I have a testimony and pictures I'd like to share of my face and for her to see what she has done for me. She has changed my confidence and look completely. I would really love to thank her and Bennetts in person.

Kindly receive my before and after pictures... The difference can easily be spotted. I would gladly recommend it to be available, especially now that I don't think I'll live without it. 

Thank you so much. Really appreciate this. I got a sample of your products and they’re so amazing. Been looking for them everywhere


I must say m loving the products more especially the skleer gel, it’s making my skin smooth its not evn oily it maintains my skins moisture n my marks are a lot lighter

by dianalucas57 18 Jul, 2020

It actually clears up your skin, closing the pores and tightening my facial skin clearing it up as well

Good evening.

Hope this email finds you well.
I have been using your Skleer (skin blemish gel) free sample for my blemish skin for a week now and I see a huge difference.
Where can I get your product around South Africa, Guateng (East Rand).

Thank you for changing my life, I now have confidence to go out without make up on

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards
[Name Redacted for privacy]

Also my wife is really enjoying your product and will be writing a 5 star review soon, we both wanted to express our gratitude.

Wishing you well,

[Name Redacted for personal protection] [Title Redacted as with a major company]

Mountain Pacific Region [USA]

i also fell in love with Skleer which i have been using for myself and im very happy with it and ill continue using it but my only challenge is that i did not find it at any pharmacy or supermarket.

Hi David my name is Mokgadi I'm in Gauteng in a location called Kagiso I wrote to skleer asking for help about their products I have even tried ordering online from abroad but it is so expensive I told q pharmacy about your product but still haven't stocked please help with getting access to the product saying I'm desperate is an understatement please help I'd appreciate it,thank you would like to hear from you as soon as possible please

And lastly thank you for the Skleer sample. I have been battling with problem skin and think i might have found my go-to product. [These were her additional comments]

Good day i would like to to thank you for the samples that you sent me i have not used them all since we are in a lock down, but i used only the skleer blemish gel. Oh my word my skin is totally clear in 3weeks of using it. And i would like to you to tell me where to find it iam in Durban as iam hooked now checked clicks and Dischem they don’t have it
Kind regards
Mandisa Bhebhula Durban

My mom is looking for the Skleer skin blemish gel…she loved the sample. Where can I get it here in Johannesburg. The sample made a difference in her face already.

Good evening.

My name is N—– ——-[Name Redacted for privacy].
I’m 25 weeks pregnant & I’ve recently used your skin blemish gel & was really impressed with the results.

Good evening

I’m Wendy I’ve been using the skleer product and it’s really working for me I’m so happy to use this product. But unfortunately once U run out of the product it’s too difficult to find it.
How do I get another product, I really need it #SKLEER SKIN RESTORATION GEL
Thank you

Hello, thank you for the samples. It really helped me make up my mind. I cannot seem to find Skleer at our local retailers. I tried Dischem and Clicks as well. It helped keep my skin in check during the pregnancy when nothing else could!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

M.C. South Africa

SKLEER - My Skin Really Needs This

From: STEVE <steve@marketmax>
Date: 04 June 2019 at 20:36:26 SAST
To: Morris Bennett
Subject: Re: Hi Jewel, Marketmax E Cape- are asking for SKLEER

Greeting everyone.

My name is Steve from MARKETMAX , and am very Excited to tell you about the “SKLEER” product that has been Amazing and Changing People’s Lives.
Were I work they took a chance to Order it, and I’ve noticed that most of Ladies starting in a Age of 26 upwards , they have Complemented it as the Best product that they can use Resulting to the Changes that they have Experienced by using it. I have seen the Results my self from the Customers it works Magically and they are crazy about it. Now am Certainly amazed about it , It really work and most Pharmacies makes a  huge of Orders to prove it Worth and it’s very Affordable.
Thank u for your Corporation.
I love this product!!😄in two days such an improvement in my skin, the dryness, redness, tightness, on my face is so diminished it’s almost unbelievable!
I ordered the soap and a large tube of gel and am so excited after over a year this is the best the skin on my face has looked…Thank You so very much you can expect more orders from me in the future!!
Diane C, Pawling, New York

One of my favorite lotions to use all over

Buyer: Member id cfow7783 ( Feedback Score Of 202)

During past month

Buy a sample for you and a friend.great stuff.4 th purchase & 30 ml a great size

Ebay Buyer:

Member id mysprayontan ( Feedback Score Of 707)

During past month

Rosacea,Thread Vein Calming,Large Open Pores-SOAP+GEL~Natural Skin Care Remedy (#152352867774)

I love this product! It has really helped my skin. Great seller and fast postage A+

Buyer:Member id drmeoww01 ( Feedback Score Of 47)
During past 6 months


this product was amazing!! got rid of all my pimples!

meghan andrew October 29, 2018

I am so happy to have found this product! It’s the only thing that cures is awful bumps I get that I thought were boy else I don’t know really what they are but this product keep them just a little tiny red dot thank you so much🌸

SKLEER is the best thing in the whole world, we keep it next to the bed.

Video Testimonial on SKLEER

Excellent product speedy post, highly recommend my 2nd order A+++ seller Buyer:

luanaharris76 ( 2319)

During past month
SKLEER Anti-Aging Gel Diminish Sun & Age Spots Reduce Wrinkle Appearances (#161866814174)

Here is another testimonial we received unsolicited from a doctor’s office.

Sample given to Mrs. Mazibuko
for use on Isaac – 10 year old male child
with skin lesions.

Responded well to Rx.

Good afternoon. I just want to congratulate you on a wonderful product. I have never come across an item which a person can use for almost anything. I’m using Skleer for 6 months now and won’t change it for anything else. I tell all my friends about this wonderful product. It will definitely always be in my first aid cupboard. Keep up the good work.

Carol, New York

Hi Gary! Just finished my Skleer sample. I really enjoyed using it. Great product 🙂
Nina, Los Angeles

Yes it’s a good cream, thank you very much again

Lena – Studio City, California

Number 15 and counting. Loving Skleer more and more with every tube I use.. Nature has the most potent elements to heal and make skin beautiful! As always, I am still addicted. Thanks Gary

Timea, Los Angeles

Hello Gary
Thanks again for the product, I liked it 🙂
Skleer is a beneficial product that moisturized my face making it feel smooth and lightweight.
Jessica Kalasho

Hey Gary happy new years! Hope your having a wonderful day 🙂 I tried your face gel. Im absolutely in love with it. Lwts get together after the holidays!

Yes you definitely can use it on your website. I absolutely love it. I saw a difference over night.

M.P. Los Angeles

My face never looked so fresh
I have been putting Skleer for 2 days straight and I love it
Irene K., Los Angeles

From: Barry Duke [] To: Morris
Cc: Sonja Sutherland; Rose Fourie;
Subject: RE: Skleer

Hi Morris
I agree that Skleer is a fantastic product.
We will certainly escalate focus with immediate effect.

Kind Regards

Mobile: 079 4961960
Work: 012 6431188
Fax: 086 542 8624

Excellent product!! I highly recommend it
Alicia Buckle on Facebook

PS I love Skleer and would like another bottle!
Lauren Bernstein

I love the feeling of SKLEER on my face and how it tightens my skin. I use it for my old acne scars.

Ladies and teenagers this really works. My son Michael used the sample and saw a difference overnight.

Charmaine, Johannesburg

More from Springbok Pharmacy…

Bonnie who works at the cosmetic counter said she is impressed with Skleer – her daughter suffers with fever blisters, which usually take +/- 4 days to clear..since using Skleer, healing time has been cut in half to +/- 2 days.

Noli who works at the cosmetic counter said she was teased constantly and at one stage did not have a lot of confidence due to her skin being very dark with a lot of marks and hated having photos taken. Since using Skleer, her skin has improved drastically, has regained confidence and now easily poses for photos. She said she receives proposals left, right and centre. She loves Skleer.

Audio testimonial from Noli (Nokuthaba), a cosmetic counter assistant at Springbok pharmacy

(To download high definition originals, so you can really zoom in and see how good her skin is now, click on photos above.)

Love my Skleer to the max!!!! 🙂
Kim Rhode on Facebook

From: Dee Joubert [] Sent: 30 January 2014 11:31 AM
Subject: Compliment of Product Skleer

Good day,

Our telephonic conversation of last week refers;

I hereby wish to Congratulate the Company on one of the most awesome products to ever hit the shelves…

It is namely SKLEER, wow what an amazing product, we have been using Skleer for approximately 2 months now, it has made a major difference to my skin, I am 61 years of age, my colleague who had to see a Dermatologist for her skin, however after using Skleer she does not even have a blemish on her face, I am so impressed that I don’t even have to wear Foundation anymore what a bonus!!

I trust that this letter will be circulated to clients via your Website


Dee Joubert
Telephone +27 11 286 9997
Mobile +27 717 537542

An absolutely fantastic product
Alicia Buckle on Facebook

Okay…thank you…will do in the morning….that’s a very reasonable price….my sister has had wonderful results since using it…thanks, will def be placing an order!
Cindy Jacobs on Facebook

From: Bettina Pheiffer
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2014 5:36 AM
Subject: RE: Skleer Gel

Hello Gary,

Just would like to say “Thank you” for the sample you arranged for my daughter.

I cannot believe that you arranged it so quickly, in 2-3 days from SA to USA, wow that is outstanding!

To top it all, she just sent me a message to say that she received it and that it works fantastically fast. She is extremely impressed. I will surely tell people about it here in SA.

Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless

Warm regards from a very hot Port Elizabeth in South Africa


Thank you so so much. I’ll contact him as soon possible. As this is one of the best products I’ve used, with awesome results.
Kim Rhode on Facebook

From: Nazreen Bhayat Minty
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 3:05 PM
Subject: RE:

I Purchased 3 bottles today from the pharmacy

Thank u for ur help!

They gave me a sample to try at lazerderm,and I found it to work AMAZINGLY!!

Really happy with this product 🙂

From: Debbie Faulmann [] Sent: 13 December 2013 10:20 AM
Subject: SKLEER

Hi Morris,

I want to commend you for an excellent product that you’ve put on the market.

I’ve been using this cream for about three weeks and WOW if ever there is a product on the market that says what it says it will do then SKLEER is it.

I am over fifty and my skin has become a bit dry and the nose area is oily it has cleared those areas and my skin has taken on a glow and it is looking very health.

It also seems like my skin has tighten up as well.

There is some pigmentation on my skin due to medication and it seems to be getting lighter. WELL DONE

I have been complimented lately on the “healthy look” and I have been telling my friends about this cream I happen to come by “per chance”.

I have been around enquiring about Skleer to buy some but to no avail as the pharmacies in the Cape Town area have not heard about it.

Could you please advise me as to who the stockist is of your WONDERFULL product SKLEER.

Thanking you and Well Done

Debbie Faulmann
Cell: 084 405 8858

Investec Bank Limited
Tel: +27 416 3473

Fax: +27 416 1002



From: Amanda Jones
Sent: 27 November 2013 10:24 AM
To: Angie van Staden
Subject: RE: Skleer

Hi Angie

Yes I received it – I didn’t use the product on myself. I gave it to my cousin whom has very bad skin and within a week he could see the difference.

According to his mom she was very impressed.



From: chantal van Blerk
Sent: 27 November 2013 10:21 AM
To: Angie van Staden
Subject: Re: Skleer

Hi there.
Yes i received my prize.
Since i have been using it my skin is just so much smoother and not as dry and scabby as normal.
I have a very problematic skin and cant use most creams on it as it breaks out in a open skin rash.
But very happy with Skleer as no rash occurs and it makes my skin smoother 🙂
Thank you soooo much for my prize and opportunity to test your product.


From: nicole pillay
Sent: 27 November 2013 07:40 PM
To: Angie van Staden
Subject: Re: Skleer

Hi angie,
Im well thanks, how are you? Wow i truely cannot believe the difference in my boyfriends hand, it is almost healed, there maybe a scar but nobody would believe it was a burn. A truely remarkable product, and we will certainly continue using skleer.
Thank you for everthing


From: Zan-Mari Vosges
Sent: 27 November 2013 05:44 PM
To: Angie van Staden
Subject: Re: Skeer

Hi Angie

So sorry. I posted on the wall but I did not email you to say thank you.

I am very impressed. My son had a huge accident a while back and he has this huge scar on his forehead. Skleer is slowly but surely making it go away. Hubby said he wants to try it on his skin. He has marks on his skin since he was a teenager. Will let you know how it goes.



From: Carmen Blumrick
Sent: 28 November 2013 09:19 AM
To: Angie van Staden
Subject: Re: Skleer

Hi Angie

Thanks so much,Im loving Skleer,my skin has lots of scarring and I can see a visible difference in just 3 weeks.Since using it Iv had a lot less blackheads too

Kind Regards


From: Jaco Lubbe
Sent: 29 November 2013 10:50 AM
To: Angie van Staden
Subject: Re: Skleer

HI Angie!

I have received my Skleer product. Thank u so much!

I love this product, (and might I add I catched my husband the other day putting it on aswell!)

I can definitely see a difference on my skin (old pimple marks etc).

Kind regards!
Lorenda Lubbe

Morningside Dispensary Testimonial on SKLEER

Excellent Product!!!
Pharmacist at Tucker’s Dispensary
Sunninghill Village


Audio Testimonial of Sales Assistants

Audio Testimonial of Thabang

Audio Testimonial of woman with blackheads

From: Timea Horvath [] Sent: Tue, Aug 19th, 2014 9:16 AM

I have just finished my very first tube of SKLEER and I am so impressed with the results. First of all, my background being in the fashion/beauty industry for over 25 years, I have tried many products. At the age of 14, I decided to begin using skincare religiously. Coming from Australia, I moved 13 years ago to Switzerland. The climate, water, air- everything was different and so I had to constantly adjust my skincare. With new technology many products have tried to sell themselves as a miracle. However most of the time this is just not so. I have my skincare regime perfected and as I am a huge fan of serums under my moisturizer I substituted SKLEER gel as this and then proceeded to layer my skincare on-top. As I have dry skin, the last step at night for me is a great heavier moisturizer that locks in all the goodness while I sleep. Daytime I did the same, however my last step was always a light SPF..

I have always had great skin. So for me to see any positive, visible results-the product has to be extraordinary. Let me say that I was hugely surprised with the results of SKLEER. Using it morning/night as my first step I could see results the second day of use. My skin looked and felt extremely rested, even and perfected. Since finishing the entire 30ml tube, my skin is even firmer than before, adequately moisturized and any tiny imperfections that I thought I had are in the process of disappearing.

All I can say is do not fall for other products marketing! The best products that your skin can positively react too is from nature itself. Sure many products are in glossy magazines and advertised by beautiful people but honestly they are not worth the money as they simply do not deliver their promises. SKLEER is amazing and I am happy to promote it to anyone who asks me what am I using on my skin as it looks that good. Starting my second tube tonight. Will write another review as soon as have finished it… 🙂 HAPPY GIRL!

Timea Horvath, Switzerland
See her review on facebook!

From: Timea Horvath [] Sent: Sun, Sept 7th, 2014 5:42 AM

Very excited to check back and give my feedback after finishing my second tube of Skleer which I use morning / night. My skin has been consistently glowing and healthy. It continues to look rested and even. Having dry and thirsty skin, Skleer has enabled my other products to work even better day by day. Usually I would use a mask 3x a week. I have noticed that using Skleer, this has been cut down to once a week if I wish to give an extra moisture boost to my skin. Living in Switzerland, the air is very dry and the water full of hard calcium. Using SKleer has definitely made this problem much better. Very happy with the results and will continue to use Skleer as Fall/ Winter arrives. Other people have noticed too and I am asked continuesly by friends, colleagues and even strangers what I use. In fact, I was stopped just a few weeks ago by a woman who was gushing about how glowing and beautiful my skin looked and she apologetically wanted to know my secret. The very interesting part of this conversation is this woman turned out to be someone who is in the cosmetic industry for over 30 year, representing a very well known, huge cosmetic brand for the entire European region. She has over the length of her 30 year career seen many people from models, actors and for her to approach me with the question.. “Please tell me what you use on your skin as it looks fabulous” is one of the biggest compliments I could get”.. I do use other products in conduction with Skleer, however I really believe that since using Skleer my skin has become more beautiful, receptive and glowing. Starting on my 3rd tube tonight..

Timea Horvath, Switzerland

Received it on Thursday, I love this product saw a difference the same evening!
Nicole Pillay on Facebook

Morning All,

Julia’s findings from using Skleer are favourable, thus resulting in her wanting to stock the product.
Comments about the product: lightened uneven pigmentation marks as well as stretch marks, resulting in her skin looking more radiant (thus her veins are not as visible).
She tested Skleer on one of her clients (a gentleman) and within 2 days, his acne had cleared.

Have a lovely day!

Bennett’s Gauteng Representative

SKLEER showcases on SugarBash’s Shirley Strawberry on the Steve Harvey Morning Show on the radio in the USA
Click here for the audio

Here is a link from Shirley Strawberry of the Steve Harvey Radio Show on Facebook:
Shirley Strawberry

Here is the email correspondence we had with Samantha Kandah, partner with Steve Harvey on Sugarbash before our radio spots:

Re: Steve Harvey Radio Spot
From: Samantha Kandah
Sent: Thu 6/25/2015 1:54 PM

Hi Gary,

I hope all is well!

Attached you will find the file from our spot this morning. It will run again tomorrow at 8:34 am ET and three times on Saturday we do not have the times yet.

As an additional bonus I got Mr. Harvey to use his social media platforms to post about SB and the brands. They posted today and will be posting again tomorrow and Saturday. This will give us more exposure to an additional 4M followers.

The ladies keep emailing us for more information about your product! It is amazing I am hoping they are converting over to additional sales.

Please let me know if you need anything else.



Steve Harvey Radio Spot
From: Samantha Kandah
Sent: Tue 6/23/2015 12:08 PM
Hi Gary!

Sorry for the delay on securing a date for our radio spot. We will be on this Thursday, June 25, 2015. I am still waiting for the time, however, the producers are giving us the prime spot!

As a bonus, we will record the spot as a billboard and run it again three more time!s!! We are shooting for Friday and Saturday, June 26, & 27th.

So plenty of airtime! I have another bonus in the works, I just to confirm one more detail then I can share the good news!

Our ladies are really loving your product! Here is a link to one of our bloggers reviewing the products:

Thank you!


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