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Acne Prevention – Is Sunlight Good for Acne?

Acne is a very uncomfortable and inconvenient skin condition, both on a physical and emotional level. While it seems to affect teenagers – both male and female – more frequently and noticeably, it can appear at various stages of life, from childhood to old age, for different reasons.

We will be discussing the several causes for acne, as well as how to prevent and cure the condition in future articles. For now, you should know that there might be several reasons why you’re dealing with it, and that you might not be able to control all of them. For instance, if you realize you’re having a breakout after you tried a new product on your skin, ate some food you’re not used to, or done a different activity, that is likely the cause, so your breakout should disappear if you don’t repeat the same mistake.

Also, having an unbalanced or unhealthy diet can cause your skin to act out, as can a sudden change of environment, in which case you might need to change your routines entirely in order to stop your skin from breaking out.

On the other hand, some factors such as stress and hormones are much harder to control. Of course, having a good skincare routine will likely help manage your skin, as will managing your stress levels with relaxation techniques. However, when it is hormones causing acne there isn’t much to be done aside from either waiting it out if the breakout is quite mild or going to your dermatologist and starting a medical treatment, with all the risks associated with that.

Now, if you want to prevent acne, the best way to do so is to treat your skin well by keeping your body hydrated inside and out as well as always making sure to keep your pores as clean as possible to avoid clogging, which leads to break outs. Another thing you can do is target the actual cause for your particular type of acne, if you can pinpoint it – we must warn you though, this might be a process of trial and error.

What you might not want to do is sunbathe without a trusty bottle of sunscreen. We have all heard the myth about the sun clearing acne, and some of us might have been fooled into believing it by our own experiences, as sun exposure tends to rid skin of excess oil, and getting a tan obviously helps hiding scars and discoloration. Trouble is these benefits are only temporary, and sun exposure tends to have more detrimental than beneficial after effects.

On the one side, sun exposure will leave your skin red and sensitive, which might in turn result in bigger or more prominent breakouts. If you don’t take care of your hydration needs, you might also end up with dehydrated skin, which is likely to break out as well. On the other hand, long-term effects of sun exposure include not only wrinkles, which are equally as bad as acne, but also skin cancer, which is not only unaesthetic but also deadly. Lounging in the sun is not the best idea if you want to have better skin, then, right?

Don’t forget to check out our other articles on acne prevention if you liked this one, as you’ll be able to find more interesting and useful information on how to prevent and treat this skin condition.

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