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If you have itchy skin avoid these household irritants!


When our skin is itchy it is often caused by an irritant or a reaction to a substance.  Many of us don’t realize how many horrid irritants are lurking in the average home, so take care to avoid the following if you are prone to, or are dealing with itchy skin:

  • Avoid using soap, this can strip and dry your skin leading to further itchiness or irritation. Use a natural shower gel or a gentle goats milk soap instead.


  • Take care when cleaning the dishes or kitchen as many household detergents and cleaning products contain chemicals that can aggravate your skin.  Try to use natural cleaning products or better still use non latex rubber gloves when cleaning.  If you are sensitive to rubber wear a thin pair of cotton gloves underneath your non latex rubber ones.


  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools or spas, the chlorine can strip your skin and create dryness or irritation.  If you must swim take care to wash immediately thereafter , and moisturise with a natural oil or moisturiser.


  • Household mites such as dust mites can also create irritated and itchy skin so take care to vacuum regularly and wash your sheets in as hot a temperature as possible  a weekly basis.


  • If you are dealing with itchy skin try using SKLEER All Iin One Skin Corrective to give you relief. The proprietary gel formula carries the ( potent) essential oils deep into your skin to create the perfect environment for healing. The Eucalyptus oil is anti-inflammatory and the Caraway Oil is a natural antihistamine so applying SKLEER to the affected area 3 times a day will help heal and relieve your itchy skin.

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