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SKLEER – Natural Skin Restoration Gel – 30ml/1oz x12


4.5 (2 reviews)

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Get the SKLEER Natural Skin Restoration Gel in bulk and save. The all natural multi-purpose skin care gel for the whole family. From the mother who wants to keep her skin looking young and blemish-free, to the father with razor rash, chafing, blisters or cracked heels, to the teenager with acne, to the toddler with skin rashes or insect bites, SKLEER is the ideal choice for you and your family.

2 reviews for SKLEER – Natural Skin Restoration Gel – 30ml/1oz x12

  1. admin

    Great for sensitive skin. Calms redness and removes itchiness.

  2. sindisiwe

    I would like to order but I can order online plz help

    • admin

      Have you been able to order, go to

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