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Where Good Skin Begins!

What does good skin look and feel like? Does  the face or body of a fashion model pop into your mind? Actually glamour has nothing to do with it. You can’t tell good skin by magazine photos or movie close ups as the photographers who take them are trained to trick your eye.

Deep down, healthy skin is smooth, elastic,soft, fresh and free of blemishes.

The way your skin looks and feels depends on the following factors:


This plays a big part in your skin. If you are black you have stronger skin than that of white folks. Black people have fewer wrinkles than white people whose skin is generally thiner and more delicate .


Young people’s skin are more delicate and thinner than those of adults.

When you get old your skin becomes thinner and more fragile, just as when you were a baby.

General Health:

Your skin actually mirrors what is going on inside of your body. So to have healthy skin you must be in good physical and emotional health. Eg some diseases or infections show up on your skin. Diabetes for eg can cause dry skin,itching and pigment and nail changes.


Hives can develop from hundreds of medications, eg aspirin or penicillin. You can get sun poisoning if get too much sun and you taking Sulphur drugs.


Eat a well balanced diet. A good diet keeps your skin healthy.

Excercise and Rest:

Excercise improves the circulation of blood, which helps the nourishment of the skin. Sleep is also vital





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