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3 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat When Struggling With Acne

Have you ever heard anyone say “you are what you eat?” Think about it for a moment.  Our body’s cells are constantly replacing themselves, what is the fuel that releases the energy our body’s need to carry that out all those incredible bodily functions? Food.  So it stands to reason that if we eat poorly we are likely to have poor health.
For people battling acne this is super relevant because hormones are the underlying cause of acne, to learn more about what causes acne click here.  To keep your hormones in balance there are certain foods that will hinder and certain foods that will help.
These foods could be contributing to your acne and are best avoided if possible:
Milk is packed full of hormones and when you are struggling with acne you are already struggling hormonally so you don’t want to make your situation worse by putting more hormones that you don’t need into your body.
Sweet stuff. When you eat foods and drinks that are packed full of sugar likes sodas, sweets, biscuits etc they increase your blood sugar.  Your body responds by making more insulin which in turn creates more oils in the skin, this can cause increased clogging in the follicles and can cause a flare up in your acne.
The same process in the body happens when you eat a lot of simple carbohydrates like white bread, crackers and pasta.
Now, have you noticed that we are talking about the cornerstones of the teenage diet?  Think about it, most teenagers  live on pasta, sweet things, bread and soda.  Unfortunately one of the greatest challenges for teenagers battling acne is that they want a quick fix and addressing acne issues with diet is by no means a quick fix.
Foods that assist your skin to look fresh and vibrant are natural fruits and vegetables, particularly those that are rich in Vitamin A such as melons, carrots and sweet potato.  And the most important thing you can do for beautiful skin?  Water, water and more water, it is the key to healthy skin, if you drink 2-3 litres of water a day and ditch the soda who will see numerous health benefits including an improvement in your skin condition.
There are certain natural ingredients you can use topically when you have a flare up.  One such power packed natural ingredient is Tea Tree Oil, Drew Barrymore and Emma Stone have raved about the results using this incredible ingredient for flare ups. SKLEER All in One Skin Corrective is a highly effective soothing gel that contains many potent natural ingredients, including Tea Tree Oil that assist the skin to heal.
For those individuals that will take the time to avoid the foods that hinder and eat more of the foods that help, you will see an improvement in your skin.

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